Basswerk 48 mit Lower Breakbeats Rmxs


It’s my way of doing things ever since things became to weird and impersonal - with every basswerk label release I will add a contribution. BW48 brings two great jungle tracks from Brian Brainstorm…my remix started slowly, but then also something faster evolved, so tI added two versions, one that keeps it slow and the other one (which I prefer) which balances things out…

Here is the  official press release:

Basswerk 48

Basswerk 48 

Brian Brainstorm & TGM

UPC 196925693882

Release Sep 16,2022

1 Brian Brainstorm - Ease Up 


2 Brian Brainstorm - Memba


3 Brian Brainstorm - Ease Up (The Green Man (TGM)’s Low & High Speed Rmx)


4 Brian Brainstorm - Ease Up (The Green Man (TGM)’s Low Speed Rmx)


Brian Brainstorm is one of germany's most successful Jungle exports and is also part of the basswerk crew.  This EP is a bit different compared to his other releases on Liondub, Jungle Cakes, Run Tingz and Original Key. He takes the jungle vibes to a more jazzy vibe (with "Ease Up") or athmospheric level ("Memba"), showing his musical skills, while still delivering his quality beats and energy. This is a very special one.

As usual TGM (The Green Man) delivers an add on for this Basswerk release - it’s a breakbeat experiment as part of his "Lower Breakbeats" concept supported by Musikfonds e.V./ Neustart Kultur. While the full version goes all the way from LoFi Hip Hop to Jungle/Drum & Bass…the short version just keeps it slow.