Breakbeat Bossa with Mellotron ...


This is a big deal for me - I made a Bossa Nova Breakbeat/ Halftime D&B track with sounds from different Mellotrons as part of my Lower Breakbeats project…..coming Oct 28 on Basswerk 49 Lower Breakbeats EP (2 Tracks)…. I am a long time Mellotron fan, you can hear it in many of my tracks such as The Black & White Walkways or others… and I remember wanting to do a mambo Jungle tune as one of the very first ones in 95, but somehow it didn’t work out. This track is meant to honour the instrument and also to the work of GForce Software and Streetly Electronics, bringing back the sound to the next generation with their work. I’ve been in touch with some of them and was allowed to use a pic of their impressing lab as for Basswerk 49 cover that tells some part of a long and interesting story. This shows the Streetly Electronics Lab, where they recover instruments and sounds - or even shape new sounds with the Mellotron magic for some brilliant Streetly Tapes.

A preview can be heard here (Release Oct 28):

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